Freelance designerwith a passion for sailing


I am a UX designer but my skills and interests are not confined to just digital products.

After completing my bachelor in product design engineering in 2009 I worked as a product designer for over 3 years. But out of a sincere interest in end users I decided to return to university. I wanted to gain skills in order to include user research in my design process. In 2011 I decided to start with a master’s course called “Design for Interaction”. It was during these 2 years of study in which I developed a passion for extracting stories from users. I learned to conduct explorative user research. Research to gain inspiring interaction insights which form the core input for the design process. To me this input is fundamental in order to design inspiring products that people love to use and which contribute to beautiful brands.

After completing my master’s in 2013 I started to work as freelance UX designer. Since then the majority of my

projects are focused on digital products. Still, I was able to combine some of these digital projects with physical product design. I really enjoy working on projects with both a physical and digital design challenge. I hope to encounter more projects like that in the near future. With the direction design is going and with developments like the “Internet of things” I am convinced that this will be possible increasily within the years to come.

Besides working as a UX designer I also founded an organic peanut butter brand. Together with friends we now run this company selling peanut butter all over the Netherlands. Check out our website:

Furthermore I am really passionate about sailing and bought an old but seaworthy yacht which I restore and sail as much as possible. I keep a blog about my saltwater adventures on wordpress:


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