Patient registration app for ambulance workers

Navara develops specialised software for Ambulance workers and their back office. They decided to update their product so it could be used on ipad instead of tough-book laptop. I was asked to design the interface of this comprehensive ipad application. Trough intensive collaboration with a focus group of ambulance workers a user friendly interface was created. Iterative efforts during design and development were tested weekly and discussed with the focus group of experience experts from the field. This resulted in an application tailor-made to the way ambulance workers work and think. After introduction of the application it was nominated for the computable IT -project of the year in the category public sector, read more about the nomination via the link below (Dutch only).
During this project I was responsible for the design of the interface as well as yielding continuous user feedback from the user group. Project management was done by Applified and the technical development by Navara.

ClientApplifiedServicesUser research, UX design, Visual