MOZ smart thermostat

Dutch startup Moz plans to introduce an ultra simple and intuitive smart thermostat. The primary interaction with the thermostat will be smartphone based. This makes it possible to keep the physical thermostat as affordable as possible, without any electronic interface. Leaving out an electronic interface creates the opportunity for customisable front covers. Users can alter the look and feel of the thermostat. This way the thermostat becomes a part of an interior instead of an ugly piece of technology. Even though the thermostat lacks an electronic interface the user can still switch heating on or off by tapping on the front of the device.
I was asked to design both the physical housing of the thermostat as well as the interface for the smartphone app. Designing both the physical and the digital user interaction enabled me to create a solid concept for an integrated user experience. I hope it will hit market soon!

ClientMozServicesProduct design, 3d CAD, Visual design, BrandingYear2015