Together with Illustrator Mielo Pouwer I came up with a concept for an organic peanut butter brand. We called it Zeemansboter (Sailors-spread) wanting to tell the story of seamen who transport the peanuts half way around the world before we get to enjoy peanut butter. The idea really took off by participating in the 2013 Enterprise competition for new business cases. During the course of the competition we developed and improved the concept and received valuable coaching from a wide range of experts.
After the competition I still continued with Zeemansboter and later that year founded the Zeemansboter company together with Marelle van Beerschoten en Berend van Zanten. Today we sell our peanut butter all over the Netherlands and this year (2016) we introduced two new flavours. So if you are living in Holland check our site to see where you can get our delicious goods.

ClientOwn projectServicesBranding, Packaging, Graphic DesignYear2013Linkhttp://www.zeemansboter.nl